Press Release

Here we are in the year of 2015 and as I reflect on how and when I started my quest for self-discovery I am amazed at the accomplishment. I would never have imagined my life would have turned out so amazingly wonderful.

I started my quest in my early twenties, a path of exploration. I had a loving family, we had what we needed but we were not wealthy. I knew I wanted more out of life, so I started looking and searching for answers.

I went to school, tried different careers, got married, became a mom, had a really good life but something was always missing. I started a path of transformation in my late 20’s and learned that anything was possible. Fortunately, I was willing to try and explore things that were not considered main stream.

These past few years have been the best, an exploration of going within, discovering my spirituality and who I really am. What an incredible journey of self-discovery while developing a deep connection to Gods energy, love and flow. How delicious, it is to live a life of awareness, joy, love, gratitude, and giving.

My greatest joy has been to create wealth by giving to others, through my love, coaching, mentoring and sharing the knowledge that has been passed on to me by others who willingly and lovingly shared and mentored me.

I am forever grateful to them for their generosity love and care. Also, for always knowing who I really am and standing for my greatness.

My greatest pleasure, is to know this knowledge is being passed on to our children and future generations. To be able to live in freedom is the greatest gift we can give them.

I have incredible financial security, for myself and children which was in place by January of 2015. I have built a successful Network Marketing business, where the people in the network have the knowledge to obtain their life dreams, live from within, financial independence through their life plan which they designed and obtained through their personal self-discovery.

My life is incredible, I travel to great places, by the ocean, spend time with family and friends, continue to give back to the community and my favorite organizations that make a difference in people lives and the world. It is such a pleasure to be able to give in that way.

It took being willing to look at my life and learn new habits of success. To face the areas of my life that were not designed to support my life dreams. If people can learn and are willing to change, they too can have their life dreams manifested in this life.



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