Week #22—Thougt, Vibrations, and Healing–MKMMA

I am beginning to realize we are on a journey to either start or continue our spiritual awakening in the MKMMA course. I know each individual who started the course came in at different levels of study and awareness, and each of us are getting what we need to excel in our individual journey, which is incredible in itself. I am learning so much from each person in the course as they write and share their experiences.

This week we were asked to practice being in silence, an incredible tool to expand and take us deeper into our journey within

A book written by Valarie Hunt, “The infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibration” is one I studied awhile back when I was studying “Zen BodyTherapy”. These past few weeks I pulled it out and have been going through it again. Its as though I never read it before. So many things she states are so much clearer now, with new meaning and understanding.

Given this week was on thought and healing our bodies along with being in silence I wanted to share this with you from Valarie Hunts Book; “The Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibrations”.

“How can we grow to acknowledge our divine nature? First, we must quiet ourselves from the fury of living and doing, to the silence of being and feeling. We must recognize that we can’t make it happen, but we can negotiate its occasion. Secondly, we must carefully survey the quality of human awareness around us, in our friends, acquaintances and work associates. Do these nourish our higher nature, drag us down, or provide nothing? you will notice that as you enliven spiritually, those of your friends who do not will fade from your orbit.

We modern humans announce that we are no longer content with vicarious religious experiences. We want our lives touched spiritually and deeply. A personal God who is accessible must be part of a new world model. We want to feel the hand of God touch us. Through that hand we will move others to higher levels, to heal and know beyond what we have learned. At these times we become human interveners. We sense the source of that power, but we are not merely channels. We are God manifest on this earth.

At first we will find it earth-shattering to comprehend humanness on the divine plane. Only by observing it in others and by comprehending its glory do we learn that it is our evolutionary work to bring such insights and experiences to this earth. For such knowledge we will give profound thanks.

Evolution does not occur by happenstance. Its goal is to bridge the levels of consciousness so that we live on all levels with all capacities simultaneously. It takes place in the mind with what that mind selects as worthy of its dedication. What has your mind selected from your experiences? Mind mastery is the soul’s unavoidable journey.

When God is experienced, this event is as real as any sensory perception of one’s own self. In those instances, we have victory over death and pain. We are in touch with the ongoingness of the soul. We understand the divine plan and our role in it. We come closer to perfection, and we are worthy being called God’s co-creator. Science and spirituality started together and then diverged for many centuries. Now they are coming back together. Two of the greatest forces in human thoughts are science and spirituality. Lederman, one of our eminent particle physicists, said “I think we are on the threshold of finding God–or at least higher glory. We haven’t found it yet, but even science is looking in the right direction”. Science has given us new insight that as our field grows in vibrational complexity, as we maintain its dynamic position on the ridge of chaos, our God-like nature will dominate our consciousness and our life”.</p>

Many Blessings



  1. Your spiritual awakening and re-awakening is taking you deeper into the MKMMA experience. Thank you for sharing Valerie Hunt’s book. It’s true that we all came into this program with different experiences and yet I feel a kinship with everyone in the group even though we never met. I believe its our spirits shining through an inanimate object known as a computer.

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