Week # 19 MKMMA -I AM

I took the time this week to watch the movie “I AM” and what a beautiful movie.  It left me very inspired and uplifted.   I was once told by a spiritual master the “the greatest gift as individuals we could give to world was to become aware of the truth and change our consciousness and break free of our attachment to the material world.”  Bottom line to go within and find out who we really are and live life from that scared place.  The movie ” I AM”  in my opinion was one man’s journey into that place, to find the truth, that material things do not bring happiness, love, freedom, joy, it comes from within. 
The movie demonstrated that as we change our consciousness it is not only for ourselves,  but with a collective consciousness we can and will change our world.  The movie demonstrated mans true nature is  to care for others even though at this time caring for others is mostly covered over by a drive for material things.  That true nature tends to come out in a crisis, where in most instances humanity rallies to help one another. 

Below is a quote I want to share with you:

“The only thing people really care about , truly care about, is the love of God.

The thing they want more than anything is love, And without that connection to God, they can’t have the feeling of love they really want.

There is nothing greater.

There is nothing more important to each and every human being than love.

It is everything.”   Gourasana

Many Blessings!




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