Week #16–MKMMA-Kindness

One of our assignments this week was to observe and report on the acts of kindness we witnessed. What an incredible week! 

I discovered that acts of kindness are going on all the time, but unfortunately, because I am always so busy, or in a hurry or thinking of things I need to do or solve etc.  I am not able to appreciate what is actually happening in my world.

By slowing down, expanding my awareness and focusing on kindness, I was able to see and experience it in a very powerful way.   Simple things like while driving, someone letting me change lanes.  The woman I have taking care of my disabled husband, rubbing his legs and feet out of kindness and love.   My aunt going over to keep my mom company so she wasn’t alone and being willing to drive an hour to do it.  A simple smile from a clerk in a store, returning  the shopping cart to the store, someone letting me go in front of them in the grocery line.  The people who open the door for me when I am pushing my husband’s wheel chair.  Someone telling you your hair looks good, or they like what you are wearing.  Someone asking how your family is.  I could go on and on.

By observing others and kindness in general, I was able to see how I too show acts of kindness and also the missed opportunities I have where others are being kind to me just because I am in an unconscious state.

This week, I discovered by living in the awareness of kindness it is an incredible space to be in.  To appreciate acts of kindness others give to me and how much joy and fulfilling it is to give kindness to others.  The week was spectacular.  It is so much sweeter,  I will continue on and let it grow.




  1. Well done Linn! Isn’t it awesome to know you are what you observe. Seeing it and knowing that it is within.. Makes it easy to let flow out even more. Thanks for sharing the kindness this week…I knew you had it in you!

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