-Week #13 Tools and MKMMA

This journey called MKMMA is a most amazing challenge.  Changing habits is truly a challenging endeavor and worthwhile.  Without the many tools that we have been given in the MKMMA course I don’t know if I would be able to sustain the new habits I am putting in place to change and accomplish my life purpose.  The new tools are so simple and yet so powerful and easily accessible to draw upon as daily practices or during those times in life when circumstances are hard.

This week I am present to the many accomplishments I have achieved throughout my life and what I am grateful for, that I have forgotten   A simple thing, list the things you have accomplished and what you are grateful for on cards and bam you are present to what a great life you have and how many things you are grateful for.  Then as a tool, you can read the cards at any time throughout the day or by making a recording you can listen to them as a simple reminder when you forget. 

I am amazed by the simple things I am so grateful for like a hot shower, being a parent, loving someone, someone loving you, health, friends, ability to make money and be creative, family, contributing to others, loving God, people who give to you and you to them, being blessed to have mentors, having great teachers, trips, education, wins, and I could go on and on.  Simple yet rich and substantial.

We are so blessed in so many ways. To be present to it daily is a gift.


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