Week #12—MKMMA –It keeps getting better

From our study material from Haanel:

What is the principle which gives thought its dynamic power?
“The Law of Attraction which rests on vibration, which in turn rests upon the law of love. Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”

What an incredible journey to be able to live from love. I am finding the teachings and exercises we are learning every week, are so powerful and life altering in the MKMMA course, that it is literally blowing my mind. The daily work we are doing is providing a structure for me to change my habits to support the life I want to live. I no longer am looking outside myself for happiness. All power comes from within. I am beginning to experience why a yogi sitting in a cave can be in total bliss.

There are two other statements that are quite amazing this week:

How may any purpose in life be best accomplished?
“Through a scientific understanding of the spiritual nature of thought.”

What three steps are absolutely essential?
“The knowledge of our power, the courage to dare, the faith to do.”

I am grateful beyond words that I was blessed to be introduced to the MKMMA course and that I was smart enough to say yes, I will do it.


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