Week #9

Another incredible week of awarness.  Who would think that such a simple statement “Visualize my new reality daily as a service to others by 12/1/13”  could be such a powerful life altering statement.  I recorded this statement and in addition to saying it aloud, I listened many times a day to it.  On Wenesday all of a sudden I realized that manifesting my new reality wa not only for me but was in service to others.  How great is that?   Realizing this, my new reality has a whole new meaning to me and is so powerful, life altering.

Also, the affirmation/mantra  “I am whole, perfect, stong, pwerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” the energy in this statement resinates throughout my whole being when I say it and I can see how it can alter my life on so many levels.  What I am noticing is I am loving doing our new practices being taught in the MKMMA course,  and loving how simple and effective it is to transform our lives.  I know mine is changing.  I still have many challenges with some of the practices but am embracing the opportunity to practice and continue on to master them.

 Moving forward, I will always start my day with Scroll #2.  It is so powerful to start ones day with love and to be able to keep it going throughout the day.  My husband is disabled going on 10 years and it has been one of the biggest challenges of my life to keep from going into anger, resentment, dispair and hopelessness with how it has affected both our lives.  Him trapped in his body, me trapped in our home to provide care.   I was not liking who I was becoming and could not see my way out.  Since I have started this program,  I no longer live in the spaces mentioned above but have found freedom in coming from love.  It’s hard to change a habit when you do not have a habit to replace it with, that will produce the result you are looking for.  The MKMMA course provides the access to new habits and guidance to accomplish the transformation and get there.  Of course like anything in life,  you need to practice and do the work. 

Someone once told me “surround yourself with like minded people”.    How sweet it is to have found both the way and the network of incredible people doing the work and committed to live from that scared place “within”.  

This year Thanksgiving  had a special added meaning — I find myself  full of love and  gratitude beyond words for the generosity  so many people are demonstrating in this MKMMA Course/   I am very humbled by  the  support and love being demonstrated   as we go through this Journey to discover the  world of living from “within”.

Many blessings to all and a heart felt thank you!</p>


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